About Clairmont Bay

Clairmont bay Inc. USA is an international corporation working in the field of Herbal Pharmaceuticals, Construction, and general traders. The company with its headquarters in the financial capital of the world “New York”, USA makes it easy to penetrate globally besides nationally.

Over the years Clairmont bay Inc. USA has continually advanced and has attained a high level of market development with a clear goal to establish an intelligent marketing system in USA and internationally to create a link between continents to have better access of the Markets.

Clairmont Bay Inc. USA is a construction, trading, import / Export, distribution and public relation firm. The Principals of Clairmont Bay have worked in the construction industry for over 20 years. With a complete commitment to customer service, quality work, affordable rates, and efficient productivity, Clairmont Bay Inc. USA is among the leading provider of demolition, lead removal, and asbestos removal services in the state of New York.

Executing marketing through professionalism, our mission that is urbanized by our relation with the people that eventually let us looks for their health and environment, in which we live, means a lot and we understand that strong bond between us and our surroundings and striving hard to save it from harmful chemicals like asbestos and lead.

Our success for last few decades lie with our constant struggle, defined goals and other factors like engineering and progress in the grassland of technology, research, quality, marketing & big sales network in United States of America. Professionally skilled marketing and sales team, with head office at Hampstead we have presence all over in America in one shape or other mainly in states New York, California, Illinois, Texas, Florida and others while in Canada; Montreal, Mississauga, Toronto, Hamilton. We are DNB and Blue Book enlisted.

Marketing good quality products is our strength that let us stand tall, that establish a clear link between us and our Clients. Our success lies in providing health solutions in any form without harming Mother Nature. Clairmont Bay Inc. USA confirms that the entire goods should always be in harmony with the environment as per most modern safety requirement regarding technology, environmental regulations and dermatology and in that we never left any card unturned as we are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and GREEN certified Company, we feel that responsibility to take all the regulations on board and in doing so sometimes we surpass the legal obligations.

Clairmont Bay Inc. USA expertise totally depends on building a strong co-operation with the Partners worldwide and their uppermost standards of manufacturing, handling, storage and quality control with well equipped R&D division make certain our ever green connections with our Clients.

Clairmont Bay Inc. USA is registered with USA Chambers and provides health solution by providing excellent quality Herbal Slimming Products to ensure that you don’t spend your life rather enjoy it by having your body always in a good shape. Clairmont Bay Inc. USA is also in corporation with Bollywood videos that also gives an extra support by providing more clients of different origin.

In mission to get the leading position in the market Clairmont Bay Inc. USA is expanding its wings to different areas and sectors with firm belief on quality, Partnership, clients and Customer care to make the difference. The knowledge, expertise, experience and intelligent Marketing are the punch words.

Clairmont Bay Inc. USA
maximizes your health with “Intelligent Nutrition”.